new products and my thoughts.

so, after the TACCA day and finding out it has been bought out by a supplier, which is a big thing for its member. i’m not a member or looking to be so it doesn’t affect me because i’m in the NCCA……………………but ill talk about this another time, because i know you’ll shouting at the […]

keeping updated and excited about improving customer experiance

Recently we posted about going to a TACCA day (the Approved Carpet Cleaners Association) being the first time going and compared to most going relatively new to the industry , so it was exciting to be able to meet these people and share tips and talk to like minded people. when me and my wife […]

This Year so far

This year has been a very exciting one for Renshaw Services. In January we relaunched our brand and decided to specialise our service and focus on carpet cleaning. Regular customers may have noticed the addition of professional training, new equipment, a new vehicle, a new logo, new business cards and now a new website.

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